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FedEx Uploads Tutorial

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to successfully import your FedEx manifests to RoadWarrior.

First, make sure you have enabled access to your FedEx account through your FCC login, and granted all permissions to RoadWarrior as a vendor.


Access the FedEx direct import tool from the uploads tab of the Team web app. Select Get Manifest from FedEx to get started.


If the FedEx button is missing from your uploads tab, re-activate it by clicking the small Upload Settings button at the top of the page, and toggling the FedEx option back on.


Select the Get Manifest action button to start the uploading process.


Zoom in on the region of your work areas. This will promote a faster upload and more accurate results.

Once zoomed in, click next to continue.


Select the Work Areas that are ready for import, You can always repeat this process with more work areas later on.

Any work areas that have already been imported will appear at the bottom of the list.

Click Selection Complete to progress to the upload. Depending on the number of Work Areas you have selected, this may take several minutes.


If RoadWarrior runs into any address issues during the process of your import, you will have the opportunity to correct them in the Upload Fix menu.

Fix any issues by searching for the correct address, long-clicking on the map (the closer you are zoomed, the more accurate the drop will be!), or by skipping that location.


Almost done! Confirm that your work areas look correct in the map and list displays, then complete your upload.

Each work area will upload as a separate Route, which you can then assign to your Drivers.