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How it Works


1) Connect to FedEx.

We start by connecting your Team RoadWarrior account to FedEx with your FCC login. This allows us to seamlessly import your daily manifests to your RoadWarrior account. You can choose to import all of your Routes at once, or send them out as they’re ready to go.


2) Sequence your Routes, your way.

Manage your Drivers’ delivery order yourself from your computer, or give them the wheel—RoadWarrior allows both Dispatchers and Drivers to interact with our industry-leading, customizable optimization software.

Have specific delivery windows? Our system has those covered, too.


3) Navigate with just a mobile device, anywhere.

Once a Route is optimized, RoadWarrior works without service or internet. Just pair with a navigation app that can download offline maps, and no matter where your Route takes you, you won’t have to go alone.

Download the RoadWarrior app to your device from Google Play (Android 5.0 or higher) or the Apple App Store (iOS 10.0 or higher).

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